Component Communication

Hi All,
I just started to learn lucee to build a project in lucee, I am a front-end-developer (JS, Angular)

So can anyone provide me best link to explore below-

  1. How to use component (cfc) files in template file (cfm)?
  2. How can use/import multiple components in a template file?
  3. How to communicate among components (cfc) to share data like Angular?
  4. What is difference between writing component code like- tag style and javascript/code style ?

I explored below resources from official website but could not find answer/example of above mentioned -

So any help would be much appreciated.

Learn CF in a Week has a section on components:

CFCast has a course (paid) about OO in CFML:

and some of the videos in the above course are free to view, which might cover enough for what you need.

Thanks Andrew. Sure, I will review and hopefully this will fulfil my requirement.