Completely uninstall Lucee

At one point I had an earlier version of Lucee running fine. However, when I decided to upgrade to the latest ( version, I’ve run into all sorts of issues. I’d like to just get to the point of wiping Lucee completely and starting a fresh install.

On my Windows laptop, I’ve gone to the “Add Remove Programs” to uninstall Lucee and then my Anti-Virus detects some ransomware in the uninstall process and removes/quarantines certain files. Now I cannot uninstall via the executable.

How do I uninstall Lucee completely to start over? Lucee is currently unusable and I’m not able to uninstall or even reinstall to get anything working. stuck…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Generally speaking, you can just remove the lucee folder, wherever it installed to. The only two other things I know of would be manually removing any services from Windows and checking for any left over web server connectors in your Apache config (if applicable).