Commandbox Lucee install not rendering index.cfm file

I have installed Lucee via Commandbox on a Mac with Ventura 13.1. The index.cfm file will not render. There is no error just blank. I added /index.cfm/* to the web.xml under servlet-mapping and started the server. Still does not work. Any assistance would be awesome. Thanks

Can you access the admin?


hmmm, does index1.cfm throw an 404 / missing template error?


and you’re accessing it directly thru the commandbox port? i.e. no ajp / webserver involved?

I using this url which is the port commandbox created.

I just installed the setup 2 days ago following the documentation that stated to use commandbox and commandbox suggests using Homebrew to install commandbox. So I did that then install Lucee with commandbox.

ok, let’s wait till @Brad_Wood wakes up eh?

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Could be a blank error page or an abort somewhere in your code and you don’t have the Lucee setting to buffer output in CFCs with output=false enabled. Put a dump/abort on the very first line of your Application.cfc file (inside the component)

Also, start your server with

start --debug --console

and see if any exceptions are showing up in the console. Sometimes a blank page can represent some sort of very low-level error.

And finally, what is the status code of the response? Does FusionReactor show an exception on the page?

That shouldn’t be necessary. The default web.xml that ships with Lucee already has this


So I’m a little concerned about exactly what you changed and where. Even if the .cfm mapping was missing, you’d get a 404 from the default servlet (Because CommandBox is smart enough to never serve up a .cfm file as text)

There are not exceptions errors when starting with debug.

the config setting are:
Setting Server Profile to [development]
| |------------------------------------------------------
| | Profile set from profile property in server.json
| | Block CF Admin disabled
| | Block Sensitive Paths enabled
| | Block Flash Remoting enabled
| | Directory Browsing enabled
| | File Caching disabled
| |------------------------------------------------------
| √ | Loading CFConfig into server
| |----------------------------------------

In the index.cfm is the following code and nothing is displaying



There is a web.xml in the path of .Commandbox/server/xxxxxxx-serverfolderdname/lucee- I put those changes in there. But now that looks like it gets written each time you start the server

  • I didn’t just mean errors when starting. I mean errors in the console when hitting the page. Also, I didn’t just say --debug, I also said --console. There’s an important difference
  • The contents of the index.cfm is nice, but that’s not what I suggested. I said dump/abort at the top of your Application.cfc which rules out issues in your on app start, on request start, or any framework that may be invovled.
  • Again, that web.xml file you are editing already should have that servlet mapping. Did you look?
  • What about my other questions?

My apologies I did use --debug --console

When I start the server with --debug --console the server auto opens a page at
[DEBUG] requested: ‘
This is blank. There are not exceptions in the console above that.

I stopped the server and placed a at the top my Application.cfc and started again with --debug --console and got the struct string here

I did look in the web.xml file and all the mappings are there.

The status code is 200 and there is no exception on the page

That tells us what we need to know then I believe. Your server is working fine and you need to trace through your code and find out why it isn’t running or isn’t outputting anything at least. I don’t think this has anything to do with CommandBox or Lucee outside of the possible Lucee setting I mentioned above.

Is that setting the Buffer Tag Body Output and it currently checked but here was no difference when it was unchecked

Ok, then trace through your code and find the issue. I would move your dump/abort down through the flow of the page until you find out where the output stops. Also, what version of Lucee are you on?

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