Columns, as in newspaper style

I’m trying (and mostly failing) to produce a printed two-column report (web page or pdf) that fills the first column before returning to the top of the second column to finish. I also need the header (ex.“Serving Destination: Color Center”) to follow at the top of each printed page.

Serving Destination:  Color Center

Route 1
Red          3:00 pm     |      Orange    4:35 pm
Blue         3:10 pm     |      Brown     4:40 pm
Green        3:30 pm     |
Orange       3:35 pm     |
Route 2                  |
Stop         Time        |
Red          4:00 pm     |
Blue         4:10 pm     |
Green        4:30 pm     |

I’ve tried css with and without cfdocument. I used “column-count: 2;” in the css for different elements (div; article; table, tr, etc.). The best I can get is a repeating header as I want but the two-column information formats under the header (as opposed to below).

Ideas on your successes? Thank you.

Using cfdocumentitem header in cfdocument produces a better header but within the cfdocument the columns are eliminated (formatting intact).