Coldfusion CMS, which one to choose

Before I go off and write my own, I am going to ask all of you who may be using Preside, ContentBox, BlogCFC, Mura, ContenCMS, which one and why?

don’t use windows, use linux, hehehehe (sorry couldn’t resist)

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oh but it has a nice command line and powershell commands let you do nearly 25 percent of what you need.

Talking about preside… I’ve seen that on the menu is broken on mobile view when trying to open it (by pressing the burger menu). Happens on my chrome on my lap, and on my android. That has already been there for almost a year. I’ve pinged @dom_watson back then once on slack, and he answered, but looks like nothing happened :man_shrugging:. Just checked now, because your post reminded me of that.

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What do you need it for? We run several installations of Contentbox, all of them have just a few content pages and contain a large Coldbox application.

We did several tests with Presides which is a very mature and well thought CMS. The only thing I don’t like is that they (not sure if it is still the case) modified/extended Coldbox (for perfomance reasons)

The use case is moving a blog from wordpress to coldfusion while keeping most of the functionality.

I am playing around with Content box, and everything seems to go along with it. My complaint, and this has nothing to do with the whole box system is that without box, installing box based products is damn near impossible without installing box. I’m old school, I want full control of my stack, hence my love of *NIX.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the NPM style that it has, which is box -command command…

Do you manually install your packages (and all their dependencies) into *NIX or use a package manager like apt/yum? :wink:

Professionally, sure as what ever the vendor says…
Personally, I run my own FreeBSD and LFS images. (linux from scratch)

screw yum /apt / rpm / dpkg


Do not get me wrong, I like the fact box is updated, its command line driven, but if i wanted to just untar / unzip a structure and I want to know exactly how it all works. Sure the code is there but .boxRandomID in “Userprofile” doesnt work for me. 99.99 percent of the planet is happy with binaries, I’m not.