ColdBox beginner - fresh instance

So, I need to update my coding skills and framework knowledge. 20+ years of CFML (Alaire, MM, Adobe, Blue Dragon, Rail, Lucee). But I always managed to avoid a lot of the new tools along the way.

So, I am going to set up a new server instance at either Digital Ocean (preferred), or Amazon. And I want to learn how to install ColdBox there and get started using that framework.

Anyone have an easy “how to” guide or tips or general thoughts on that?

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: ???
Java Version: ???
Tomcat Version: ???
Lucee Version: ???

I use both digital ocean and vultr. I like vultr over digital ocean for the fact I can upload my own ISO and run literally anything.

All that technical bias aside,
Pick any OS you like, really doesnt matter (Save for BSD*, which gets a bit more complex)
I am going to say, Debian as its stable, it will upgrade from major release to major release without issue, its free of bloat and doesnt have the digital civilwar that the RHEL /CENTOS / ALMA /WHATEVERTHEFKDISTROOFTHEDAY has going on.

Step 1, pick your instance size and have the instance spun up. I suggest 2 processors and 2 GB or more of ram, but you can always reimage or resize later
Step 2, login to the OS, update the os (apt-get update, apt-get upgrade)
Step 3 install wget if its not installed (apt-get install wget)
Step 4 install somekind of java engine, I suggest debians default
apt install default-jre default-jdk
Or you can manually download Java from oracle, upload the package and install via command line
dpkg -i NameOfJavaFile
Step 5 install apache2 (apt-get install apache2)
Step 6 wget
step 7 chmod +x commandbox-debian-5.4.2.deb
step 8 dpkg -i commandbox-debian-5.4.2.deb


Thank you! Always appreciate your input! This also gives me a chance to try another version of *nix

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If you’re just learning, why bother with a server you pay for. Just spin up your instances locally with CommandBox. It’s fast, easy, and didn’t dev require you to install anything.

As far as guides:

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