(cold box or coldbox ) and command box

What’s the quickest way to install cold box or coldbox onto a Lucee server and then try out its sample applications ( samples downloaded from https://github.com/coldbox-samples/coldbox-samples )?

How does command box come into play here?


coldbox create app
server start


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Great, up and running and sample app is working as well. Thank you @bdw429s

edited: and i’ve looked at config files such as Application.cfc and index.cfm etc.
it seems indeed coldbox is easy to get started, it took literally about 10 minutes for an experienced cf developer to downloaded it, tried it, ran into an issue, sought help, got it working and start to get a hang of it, all of them in about 15 minutes, awesome!

If you don’t know commandbox, you should dig a little deeper into it. It has wonderfull sweet tools you’ll fall in love with and will make your dev life much easier. Commandbox is today something I don’t want to miss in my dev setup anymore.

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@andreas good to know, thanks.

@bdw429s how do we create datasource for the sample applications? For instance, under applications/TaskManager the Application.cfc has ’ this.datasource = “taskmanager”; ’
Also, any DDL sql script that would create this database schema?

Is Luis Majano, the author of coldbox sample applications on dev.lucee.org (here) as well?


If you google for “set coldbox datasource” you’ll find the docs https://coldbox.ortusbooks.com/the-basics/models/coding-solo-style/datasource

If you’re running it with Lucee, it’s just like with every cfml app else within the Lucee Administrator in datasource section. For the other questions, please see and go through their docs. It’s documentation is awesome https://coldbox.ortusbooks.com/


Thank you @andreas