Code style guidelines?

I’ve extracted this from another thread:

This thread is not intended to discuss how we should capitalise the first letter of a function, but rather would it be “a thing” to get a working group together to arrive at a Lucee CFML guideline?

I’m not doing PHP on a daily basis rather than CFML, and they have an “official” coding guideline in the form of PSR-2. Whilst I don’t agree with all its rules (and there’s a lot of unnecessary pedantry in there), I do strongly agree one should follow a guideline. And if there’s an official guideline, that would mean more people producing more uniform code. Plus it’s just nice for the community to work towards improving its members’ code quality.




I think some form of a coding standard would make it easier for everyone to write consistent code. I’ve worked on sites where the lead demanded all tags to be uppercase, and another where just CF was upper and a third where it was lower - as well as the camel notation or functions - yuck - I wrote a brief guide for my team back - way back - for V4.5 - I;ll see if i can resurrect it. The PSR-2 isn’t a bad doc.

This is a great idea. I personally like the format of the Angular style guide: as it provides reasons why each style is recommended (and often gives examples of syntax to avoid; and why).

This is a great (long overdue) idea… I’ve had a crack at writing team coding guidelines but it usually ends up a “my personal preference” guide… which change when I find something that is neater than my own.

I am currently looking at the Python PEP8 guide… It contains some nice ideas… sometimes a little pedantic…