CMSs which support embedded CFML code?

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I’ve been doing CFML stuff for work for nearly two decades - do data-intensive stuff there but nothing that “looks pretty.” I recently got a personal Lucee hosting subscription and am looking to do some dynamic pages there but want it to look a little prettier and be a little easier to maintain, possibly using a CMS. Is there a CMS that allows me to embed CFML code to create dynamic content?

I see that the FarCry and Mura CMSs are Lucee-based - or can at least be installed on Lucee servers. Is it possible to embed CFML code in them for dynamic content? Or are they just basic CMSs with a Lucee shell?

The Lucee hosting service I use offers scripts through Softaculous (via CPanel) - and neither FarCry or Mura are offered. There are 77 CMS/Portal offerings in Softaculous, including Drupal and Joomla, which all appear to be PHP-based.

Do you know any CMSs that will allow me to do what I want to do?

I appreciate any suggestions!

ContentBox CMS is also a modular CMS that runs on Lucee and is built on top of Coldbox MVC so you can add to it. I would recommend just having your host spin up a Lucee server and you install the CMS into it. The CFML market is not big enough for a lot of off the shelf for of deploys to support our CMSs out of the box.

(I am an employee of Daemon that created Farcry)

Farcry is an Application framework with a CMS plugin. The CMS plugin comes with standard content types like Navigation, Page (HTML content), News and Events.

There are other plugins available for extra content types and functionality, or you can add your own.

Webskins are used to render content type data into HTML that is sent to the browser - you can put any CFML here. You can also create a library of CFML functions that can be called from a webskin. In terms of what the site looks like and how it functions is only limited by what you can do with HTML, CSS and JavaScript - no restrictions from Farcry.

To install, download, copy code to your Lucee server, set up database, and run install script. There are also Docker images available.

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