Clear query cache using cfobjectcache and filters/tags

Hi. I’ve been trying to do something that seems incredibly straightforward, but of course I haven’t had any luck.

I have a query something like this, notice the “cachedWithin” and “tags”.

<cfquery name="q" datasource="db" cachedWithin="#createTimeSpan( 0, 1, 0, 0 )#" tags="mytag">
    SELECT *
    FROM table

Now what I want to be able to do is force clearing the query cache for just “mytag” queries. This doesn’t seem to work for me.

<cfobjectcache action="clear" filter="mytag">

If I clear the cache for all queries, like below, it works, but not for one’s that are filtered.

<cfobjectcache action="clear">

Any help, what am I missing? Thanks!