Clarification about sought

On 2023-10-14, @Zackster said this on the CFML slack:

please avoid for now.

No further elaboration than that.

I queried this:

Am a bit bemused by this.
There’s some point in the future where will be fine?
Or is it more a case that there’s an issue with, and there’ll be a which will address whatever that is?
Or is the nature of the issue not something that would require changes to, so that it’ll… be OK… after some point?

To date: no response. And seems to still be the most recent version of 5.4, based on this:

curl -s | jq -r '."results"[]["name"]' | grep -E "5\.4\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+-nginx$"

But the UI on Docker Hub is saying is the latest stable release:

Latest stable release (5.4)
Tomcat 9.0 with Java 11 (recommended)

  •,, 5.4, latest (Dockerfile)
    **,, 5.4-nginx (Dockerfile.nginx)

This is almost certainly just a case of the page not being maintained, I get that.

Looking at the Tags tab, and filtering the images, it seems like is the highest tag without “snapshot”.

So… what’s the story here? I’m not the only one asking on either of the Slack threads I’ve started about this.

It seems to me like the latest “stable” 5.4.x release is actually dubious (in some way that has not been explained).

I don’t think I’m being churlish to think this really oughtn’t be a tricky question to answer? Is it a case that no-one actively participating in the Lucee project is paying attn to that Slack channel any more? If so: that would be good to know too. And it’s fine, we can shift to here.

Can we pls get some clarification on what version of 5.4 we should be looking to run in prod ATM?


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The latest version of Lucee 5 is To my knowledge, there are no known major issues with version It’s important to note that version had a regression issue, which led to the release of Both and are stable and safe for use. Lucee 5 now is in LTS mode, means it only get important, security and regression fixes, all done as conservative as possible.

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Thank-you. Sincerely.

So for the sake of those of us with rigid (and semi-regulated) IT policies, can there be a release of made without the word “snapshot” in it? Ooh, actually… there’s no Docker image of (of any variant) at all on Docker Hub…?

And it was a comms error about being something to avoid? It’s hard to tell as it has no release notes (according to someone else… I did not check).

Thanks again.

i will make sure all build are up to date asap, sorry for that.


Always check for releases.

Docker builds other than snapshots are manual, and updating the Docker Hub readme page is manual. If it’s not current / matching the Lucee downloads page is generally because I didn’t know there’s a new release as I don’t always get notified.

Hurrah. I see the lucee/lucee page on Docker hub has been updated to reflect current reality, and there are also images up there.

I will… dip my toes into that particular water and see what our app has to say about things…

Cheers @justincarter and @micstriit