<> Characters not shown in PDF

Hi all,

I am currently working on a pdf creator, but know there is a problem. Every time when I want to “<>” add these kind of symbols to the PDF, it cannot be rendered into the PDF. I can only use Microsoft Edge browser. I tried everything, as far that I know. used replaceNoCase() with chr(60) also used, decodeForHtml(). current work around is adding space between the LT and GT symbols.
Any help or tip would be very appreciated. I can’t share any code, really restricted working environment.



OS: windows
Java Version: ???
Tomcat Version:
Lucee Version: 5.3.6

Try adding any custom fonts to the java environmental path for the lucee /tomcat instance.

|Name|HTML Entity|
|Non-breaking space|&nbsp;|
|Less than (<)|&lt;|
|More than (>)|&gt;|
|Ampersand (&)|&amp;|
|Euro (€)|&euro;|
|Pound (£)|&pound;|
|double quotation mark (“)|&quot;|
cfcontent( type="application/pdf" );
cfheader( name="Content-Disposition", value="attachment;filename=example.pdf" );
cfdocument (format="pdf"){
    <h1>&gt;&gt;&lt;&lt;Hello ColdFusion</h1>
    <p>This is <strong>PDF</strong> example document.</p>
    <p>Generated at: <cfoutput>#TimeFormat(Now())# on #DateFormat(Now())#</cfoutput></p>
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fixed issue. replace(variable,'<','%lt;') somehow this worked out

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