Changed default charset and broke server

I changed this to utf to get it to write files out in correct encoding now admin panel and everythign is broken please help ASAP!!

@kpetrow Please always mention version.

ended up just reinstalling lucee. Still woudl like lucee to write out default in utf-8 any ideas. version: Lucee

Are you writing files? Or to browser? Since the web charset is what’s writing it out in UTF-8

I am creating files on the server(filewrite). They are writing out in ANSI by default, i need them to write out in utf-8. We switched from railo maybe a month ago and railo was writing out in utf-8 by default, I set that server up so long ago i dont remember where i set the default char encoding… But wondering if it was a java option and not an admin panel option?? Having to set the encoding for every file write would take a long time.

I need to check but I think the resource charset is just for reading?

@kpetrow Can you please check this with application defined charset.


Blockquote this.charset.resource="UTF-8";

can you give me better instruction on what you want done?

@kpetrow After a check with application defined charset means still issue occur?. If yes, Can you please share stack trace if possible?

When i changed the char encoding nothing would load. Not the admin panel, not a test page, complete bomb