Change password without "Old Password" in L5

I recently updated to Lucee 5… Today I needed my Lucee Admin password to be able set up ContentBox, but when I tried the pw I have written down, it does not work. So I logged out and tried it with the Admin and sure enough it does not work there either. But I do have it saved in the browser and can still use that to log into the Admin, I just can’t use it as the “old password” to change the password.

I found a number of ways to “reset” the pw in Lucee 4 by removing things in the lucee-server.xml file, but it seems there is no way - that I could find - to do the same thing in L5 to do a reset.

IS there a way to reset the pw in Lucee 5 (version: like 4? Or, what are my options?

Thanks a bunch! Randy

You can do this easily with CFConfig. I’m on my phone ATM but something like

cfconfig set adminPassword=mypass to=/path/to/context

You can get more info here:

Sounds easy enough, but I only have CommandBox on my dev machine… Never figured out how to use CB in my remote production environment (everything I have ever seen seems to be dev/test environments)… What is needed in a prod scenario to utilize both CB and in this case cfconfig?

Thanks in advance

So I loaded CB on my server and tried a couple of things to access the Lucee server and finally ended up with:
CommandBox> cfconfig set adminPassword=testPW to=C:\lucee\tomcat\lucee-server\context\context toFormat=LuceeServer@5
result: [adminPassword] set. (so I think it worked)

Problem is I cannot log in now to the Lucee admin… gives me “Invalid Password”… maybe just need to restart Lucee?

Any pointers? (Thanks!)

Yes, you need to restart Lucee for it to pick up the new password unless you have configured Lucee to watch your config files for changes (which is unlikely since that’s a hidden feature)

Never figured out how to use CB in my remote production environment

It’s just a binary. You copy the box.exe there and you run it just like you would the Git CLI or any other tool.

You can also point CFConfig at a server over a UNC network share with the format \\server/share if you have your network setup like that. So something like:

cfconfig set adminPassword=mypass to=\\web002/C$/path/to/context

Also, a random note-- the toFormat should be redundant. In 99% of cases, CFConfig will automatically detect the engine and version so you shouldn’t need to include that unless you like to type extra stuff.

Thanks a bunch… Keep up the good work!