Change cfdocument to use iText, not PD4ML


We have two Lucee servers running Lucee

On one, pdfs render with css applied correctly; on the other, css is not applied.

I have checked the lucee-server/bundles folder, and discovered differences between the two. The one not working had an older version of flying saucer. After copying that jar into the bundles folder, the lucee/admin/server.cfm page, under Info > bundle.jar, shows that Flying Saucer Core Renderer as “not loaded”. Restarting Tomcat does not make it load.

How can I get this jar to load correctly in the bundle? Is there a command to run when files in the bundles folder are changed?

Windows Server 2012
Tomcat 8.0.27/Apache 2.4.16x64

@taivo What are the pdf extension versions on both the lucee servers? is both are the same?

Sorry for delay the Extensions page was not loading…

The version is, and I don’t seem to get any css applied in my pdfs.

@taivo Not sure why the application page was not loaded (there is a lot of bug fixes done in newer versions)
there is any error or anything from the logs? was a much old version. So Could you please try this with the latest pdf version?

To update the extension

  1. please download the pdf version from the download site
  2. drop the .lex file to the /lucee-server/deploy folder
  3. restart the lucee server or wait for a few minutes

To check the extension version use the below code

    adm = new Administrator("server", your_admin_password);
    adm.getExtensions().each((e)=> {
            if ( == "PDF extension") {
                writeDump("PDF extension version: #e.version#");