Cfzip unzip strange behavior


I run two Windows 2016 servers with the same Lucee Version
On one server i have the problem, when i unzip a zip file.
The behavior is buggy.
i have a zip with:
Folder Root
->Folder 1.1
–> File 1
–> File 2

after unzip i got
Folder Root
-> Folder 1.1 (no files in it, just a copy of the 1.1 Folder)
–> Folder 1.1
—> File 1
—> File 2

i run the same code with same zip file on the other Lucee server, and dont have this issue.

any help?

thx alot!

Are both servers running the same version of the compress extension?

@silvioacrom, I think the problem is with compress tag extension release.

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