CFZip archives cannot be opened on latest MacOS

At work, we’ve run into some issues lately with the CFZip tag. Namely, zip archives that we create in Lucee CFML (not sure version is relevant) on Java 8 cannot be opened on the latest MacOS version. I don’t know what error message the users are getting (I’m still on an older version of MacOS); but, I think it may say that the archive is corrupted, or something to that effect.

We’ve found that these same MacOS users can open zip archives if we create them using the zip CLI tool from apt-get (and the like). As such, we’re planning on converting our CFZip usage over to the zip CLI tool.

Just sharing this here in case anyone else is running into the same issues. Maybe there’s a less aggressive fix for this; but, converting to zip is our plan at the moment.


the fix is to upgrade the zip4j used by the extension

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Looking at the LDEV ticket, I’m not 100% sure on next steps. Is it saying that I can fix this by upgrading the extension in Lucee? Or, that I have to manually upgrade the zip4j library?

Alas, it’s a bit complicated than it might otherwise need to be, because Lucee needs OSGI bundles and zip4j didn’t include OSGI metadata, Lucee used wrapped version of the zip4j Library which includes the OSGI metadata.

You could try forking the extension and update the version of zip4j used (coz it requires the wrapped Lucee version to be updated). I recently got zip4j to add the OSGI metadata, so you could just drop in the latest zip4j as a replacement (assuming nothing else got broken by the new version of zip4j )

Basically we need @micstriit to update the extension.