Cfwindow + buttons

I’ve just started learning Lucee after a reasonable amount of experience with ColdFusion and I’ve been looking for some examples of cfwindow with several buttons. I’m trying to understand the formatting and how to precisely place the buttons.

just don’t use the AJAX stuff, it’s old and incomplete

use modern javascript instead, trust me, it’s much more flexible

I know nothing about AJAX but I thought the point of using Lucee was the CFML language.

Ok, reading some more I see there is cfscript which is apparently similar to javascript. Is that what you mean?

I’ve spent some time trying some EXTREMELY SIMPLE constructs using CFSCRIPT. I set up and loaded an array then proceeded to list each element in a for loop:


What do I need to do so that each element is on a separate line?

@new2lucee Use html tag <br> in writeoutput()
writeOutput(myArray[j]); writeoutput("<br>");

Excellent! Many thanks.

the cf ajax stuff is simply from an earlier era.

there are much better solutions out there and you have full control over them, as the cf ajax stuff is very limited and you can’t modify them, so you’re better off using something else.

Lucee is about doing great things server side in CFML, not client side stuff.

Use the best tools for the job

Adobe introduced lots of silly client side extensions to CFML which are sub optimal.

Let me bore you with some background which might help explain some of my stupid questions. My programming backgroud has been mainly compiler languages (Cobol, Fortran) with some Assembler. After I retired, my good friend asked me to create an Inventory application specific to his business, as there was nothing commercially available. After looking at options, we decided on ColdFusion but the license in Australia was almost double the cost in the US so I had a friend in the US buy it for us and ship it out. Over the next couple of year, I learnt CFML and CSS from scratch and got the app up and running and it has kept working happily for the last 6 or so years. It’s a number of screen which interact with a MySQL DB. They need to upgrade their IT but again the license cost got in the way, given the tough time brought on by covid, so as I have time on my hands and I like programming to keep my mind active, I thought "why not migrate the app to a ‘free’ version of ColdFusion and that’s where I am now trying to understand how to do the migration.