I just noticed recently on my site that my AJAX functions were no longer working. After pulling my hair out tracing through JS and even switching libraries I finally figured out that Lucee is no longer acting the same way. I had to revert back down to version in order to get my original functionality to work.

Here is the issue as best I can tell.

Example code called from AJAX call:

  <cfset result.state = "1" />
  <cfset result.county = "2" />
  <cfset = "3" />

  <cfwddx action="CFML2JS" input="#result#" toplevelvariable="r" />

In version this will output the following data if you load the URL directly

r=new Object();r[“county”]=“2”;r[“zip”]=“3”;r[“state”]=“1”;

this will return in the AJAX call, etc. etc.

Any version past returns nothing and the call back functions fail because objects aren’t defined.

Anybody have any ideas? Am I doing something wrong that no longer works or is this a bug introduced in 5.3. Welcome any feedback

try enabling buffer tag body output?

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Yeah! Thanks that worked. I noticed that this was defaulted to TRUE in older version where it works and had to be set in 5.3. Appreciate the help!

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