CFspreadsheet bundle

I’ve installed lucee spreadsheet from

I my .lex to deply, everything works find, but when I go in the server admnistrator I can see that the archive of lucee spreadsheet is mark as resolved, But lucee spreadsheet (.jar) in bundle is not loaded. When I go in my /opt/lucee/tomcat/lucee-server/bundle I see the spreadsheet.jar there, but it never load ?

Any idea ?

You need to run it once first. Then it will show as active (green).

I feel stupid but how can I run it ? When I click on edit in the section bundle, there is nothing I can edit ?

Sorry, I mean try to use one of the spreadsheet functions in some code.

You’re my hero spend 3 days on this, never tought about trying my code that use it -_-

Happy to help!