CFSCHEDULE doesn't create list

Lucee Windows version
The following does not result in anything except a blank output with the proper scheduling headers.
Yes, I do have scheduled tasks.

<cfschedule action="list" result="myLuceeSchedule">
<cfdump var="#myLuceeSchedule#" label="Lucee Schedule" />

are you sure you are in the correct webcontext?

Interesting thought. How could I be in any other web context? Not sure I’d know how to switch from one to another - not sure I even have more than one.

What I’m saying is: in case you have created the schedule from within your web administrator take note of the hostname: you can call the cfschedule only from cfml code that is running under the same hostname:
A schedule created at
http://localhost/lucee/admin/web.cfm can by default only be listed by a template from within:
but NOT from

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Thanks, I’ll check to be sure I’m not doing a cross domain context action.