Cfpop issue


I have Lucee docker image running on Ubuntu 16.04 box, it’s working fine.
But for cfpop I’m getting some odd behavior.
for action=“getALL”
I gave it a name and then cfdump it.
The first time running of such code produced desired outcome, cfdump works correctly.
Then, when I ran it immediately again, cfdump produced only the meta data, no actual message data.
Fyi, my pop account was set up properly, that is, leave messages at the server.

And here’s the odd thing, then, in several hours when I came back to run it again the cfdump works again. Am I missing something?
Or how come?

In addition, the FROM returns a sender’s name instead of FROM email address.


Did you resolve this? I just posted a related question.

Sorry, I haven’t touched this issue since then.