CFPDF extractimage support

Any plans to try to support the “extractimage” function through CFPDF? I’ve seen some docs for ACF that correspond to this function…just wondering if it’s something on the road map?

PDF support in Lucee is not as comprehensive as we’d like.

Your best option for putting it on the immediate roadmap are as follows:

  • locate ticket or tickets in the bug database that correspond to this feature;
  • add an issue defining the feature if you can’t find one
  • locate an open source java lib that does image extraction from PDF
  • lobby in this forum for support



Use the extractimage action to extract all images from the specified page number in a PDF document, as shown in the following code snippet:

  action = "extractimage" 
  source = "../myBook.pdf" 
  pages = "1-200" 
  destination = "..\mybookimages" 
  imageprefix = "mybook">

The images are extracted and saved in the directory that you specify in the destination attribute. You can specify a prefix for the images (imageprefix) being extracted, otherwise the system prefixes the i

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