Cfpdf action = thumbnail not working on Lucee 5



This was working fine on 4.5 but since I upgraded to it
does not save the thumbnail. No error is generated, it is as if the code
is just not run. Please help, this creates our invoices and course

        transparent = "true"



I have tested this and cfpdf action thumbnail does not create thumbnails.

<cfpdf action="thumbnail" source="test.pdf" pages="1" imagePrefix="Cover" 
format="png" scale="50" resolution="low">


Have you checked anything In the logs? In catalina.out?

Mark Drew

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I have the same problem. Failing in Lucee but working in Lucee 4.5.

I didn’t find any error or log.



similarly, the upgrade from 4.5 to 5.1 has caused cfdocument with format of
“PDF” to fail to render png logos in our reports with the error
“Insufficient data for an image.” On PDFs where this happens, font
styles/faces then tend to get messed up as well.


I had a similar issue a few days back, came out to be that PDF thumbnails
were created from a directory listing, which meant that CF would try to get
a thumbnail out of every file in that directory. Since you mentioned
no error, not sure if thats your case, but try making sure there is no
other file in the directory the PDF files for which the thumbnails will be
created are. Sometimes MAC os, creates hidden property files for each
folder, try listing the directory and dumping the result just to make sure.

Good Luck.


What’s the status here?
I have the same problem on Lucee
nothing spotted in catalina.{dd}.log



Upgraded to today to see if the blocking issue of pdf action=“protect” had been fixed (LDEV-1038). It has. Unfortunately, pdf action=“thumbnail” still does not work.


You can try this alternative. It does not have all of the features, but does work for generating a JPG thumbnail.


Wow. This is great. I started going down this path the other day. Thanks!