has anyone used cfpayment that integrates with Stripe API below?

i just installed it, the testing code did not return response ( processed or error ), none. thanks

If you’re just using Stripe then I recommend this:

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I like coldbox but am using a cloud-based service and most likely they don’t have coldbox installed.

The cfpayment solution look very straight-forward and yet, I don’t why it’s not working…

It doesn’t require Coldbox, it’s a standalone library. Easy to use and up to date.

ok, I got stripe-cfml working except that using testing cc number such as 4444333322221111 or 4242424242424242 with exp year of 24 or 25 or 2024 or 2025 returns “Your card’s expiration year is invalid.”, any insight?

I have used CFPayment. It is very well written and works great.

For some weird reason I’m unable to update my post on Aug 17, it was resolved.