CFML Wrapper to Broadcast Email / Drip Campaign

Hi Lucee Community,

We’ve been ACF for years and are starting to get our feet wet with Lucee. One of our old stand-bys was the CF code for connecting CampaignMonitor email marketing to our FarCry Content Management System:

I’ve started to implement our old code base and am getting this error:

type xml is only supported for type post and put

Basically, if you look in general.cfc, you’ll see that most of the interaction is going over a CFHTTP connection and the method will change in different instances, but often they are requesting data from an XML end-point via GET… which seems like Lucee is throwing an error on.

So, the questions are:

A) Is there an easy work-around by modifying settings in the Lucee Administrator?
B) If not, does anyone have a recommendation for a ColdFusion Friendly Email Broadcast vendor that has strong integration for drip email marketing campaigns?

Might be related to this issue