CFML SSO demo app for consumption of SAML response

Just wanted to let people know about a CFML SSO demo app I put together for consumption of SAML response from identity providers. Currently, I have it working against okta. You can either run the app or use the code in the /saml folder to run in your own app.

Would be great if people can give it a spin and let me know if any issues. And if you want to contribute additional identity provider configurations, that would be even better!

The code is located at: . Hopefully, the file gives enough information to get you started!

Thanks to Giancarlo Gomez and his OneLogin code, on which this new demo app is based. Major changes include: no need to set up datasource (use JSON config files) and made more generic to allow for expansion to other identity providers.

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I may be testing this in April (2022). Thanks for sharing and I’ll let you know how it goes.

anyone have try it using onelogin, because i have error in samlAssertionSignatureBlock.setIdAttributeNS("", “ID”, true);