Cfmailparam overriding User-Agent?

I notice if I add a “User-Agent” header:

<cfmailparam name="User-Agent" value="SomeAgent">

in my cfmail tags it adds an extra User-Agent line to emails sent. So in Lucee it will send both:

User-Agent: Lucee Mail
User-Agent: SomeAgent

same with ACF:

User-Agent: ColdFusion Application Server
User-Agent: SomeAgent

Is there a way to replace (or not send) the built-in User-Agent strings on either server?

By quick checking, I didn’t get user-Agent in the email sent via cfmail. But I can see the X-Mailer: Lucee Mail in the email.

Also, it can override the X-Mailer value using cfmailparam like this

<cfmailparam name="X-Mailer" value="SomeAgent">

Hmm… interesting. I’m still getting two User-Agent lines, even when sending X-Mailer.

Maybe the mail host converts them?

which mail host are you using?

Using Google’s via our company acct.

For a test could you something else? does free low-volume accounts.

Then it would at least tell us if there was an issue specific to Google mail.
And of course it still might be a Lucee bug… but the more information the better, of course!