Cffile makeunique on nameConflict

According to the docs, this code should create a new file (nameconflict=“makeunique”), but doesn’t happen.

<cffile action="write" 

OS: Windows 10
Lucee Version:

I don’t think nameconflict applies to action="write". The Lucee docs don’t specify which actions it applies to, but the Adobe docs are clear that it doesn’t.

FileWrite() doesn’t have that option either.

it’s not handled, i wouldn’t mind it as a new feature

and while looking at that code, I tweaked the error messages a bit

Yes, it’is true.
But ACF ignore completely the nameconflict attribute with write action.
Simple, overwrite the file…

In Lucee
nameconflict=“error” -> works
nameconflict=“skip” -> works
nameconflict=“overwrite” -> works
nameconflict=“unique” -> NOT works

Valid values are [error,makeunique (unique),overwrite (merge),skip (ignore)]

thanks Zac!

( … Love uppercase of first letter :sunglasses: )

("missing attribute action");
("Missing attribute action");


File a bug, it should either work or error