Cffile action upload in

cfile action upload does not accept files larger than 2mb in Lucee when cffile is invoked by javascript.
502 error bad gateway is returned by the server.
Downgrading to 6.0.585 started working again.

OS Linux (4.9.0-19-amd64) 64 bit
Servlet Container: Apache Tomcat/8.5.31

This is a tomcat issue not a lucee issue.

in your server.xml

maxPostSize=“20971520” // 20 meg, vs default 2 meg

you could also set in web.xml, under the lucee servlet

   <max-file-size>52428800</max-file-size> <!-- 50 MB -->
    <!-- Maximum request size allowed for upload -->
    <max-request-size>209715200</max-request-size> <!-- 200 MB -->



I think you need to update tomcat config:


Changing maxPostSize in server.xml does not work, I’ve tested it before, same 502 error with files over 2Mb. Lucee 6.0.585 does not have this issue.

Have you tried comparing the two server.xml files?

Connector on 8888 are the same, maxPostSize is not present in 6.0.585 and not present in Lucee

did you restart your server?
did you editted the correct file?

I had to make tweaks to IIS to get mine working. Are you using IIS?`

Here’s my post regarding this

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Yes, I restarted and edited the correct file.
As I said I receive this error only when cffile upload is invoked from jquery to a .cfc file, from .cfm file this not happen.
Only in Lucee, downgrading to 6.0.585 started working again.

ahh, I’ve not used Jquery for some time, that I can’t help with (Well not extensively and not to anything too complex)

It sounds like jQuery is not the primary issue since it works in Lucee 6.0.585.

I would focus on the difference of .cfc vs .cfm, though it sounds like a new bug or regression in that requires a response from Lucee team.

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