Cfexecute question

dear community

i have a bash script running on a linux box … with cfexecute i’m able to query now playing song on my kodi remote system … the output i get is like : {“id”:“AudioGetItem”,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“result”:{“item”:{“album”:“One More Light”,“artist”:[“Linkin Park”],“id”:39645,“label”:“Nobody Can Save Me”,“title”:“Nobody Can Save Me”,“type”:“song”}}}

so my question : how can i trim the output to only have th artist and the track/songritle?

anyone got me a hint on this?

many thanks in advance

cheers from switzerland


It’s json right? So just use deserializeJson and it’s a struct?

could you give me a example pls? i’ve never worked with json before shame

@tretel77 See the examples in the docs: