Cfexecute default timeout incorrectly documented

In the documentation it states that a timeout=0 is the default value and results in non-blocking mode. I cannot confirm this. Both without timeout specified and with timeout=0 the page keeps loading for as long as the process runs.

<cfset local.command = name="">
<cfexecute name="#local.command#"></cfexecute>
<cfexecute name="#local.command#" timeout="0"></cfexecute>

@aremus Already have a ticket for this issue [LDEV-2574] Cfexecute timeout=0 but still blocking mode - Lucee. The workaround was available in that mailing list Cfexecute timeout=0 but still blocking mode. Hope it will help you.

I use non-blocking CFExecute a lot and am atttempting to migrate many CF2016 apps to Lucee. Is the recommended solution to avoid using CFExecute entirely and use java.lang.ProcessBuilder instead?

For better command line integration with Windows, I prefer using CFX_Exec. I’d like to continue using this with Lucee (because it provides features not available in either CFML platform), but haven’t been able to get C++ CFX libraries to work with Lucee (and reported it years ago).