CFDIV migration CF9 to Lucee 5


I’m migrating from CF9 to Lucee and I’m stuck with the cfdiv binder, to use the callBindHandlers.

Whats is the exact replace of CallBindHandlers or something similar that helps me?


//im trying just chaning ColdFusion to Lucee but callBindHandlers event didn't exist.


//I'm searching for the exact replacement for callBindHandlers, or something similar that helps me.

Somebody help me please.

Without the whole page code, its hard to “guess” what is really going on. for reference.

I have found when moving code from older ACF (8/9/10/11) long term you are better off trying to replace these calls with jquery

My other suggestion is make sure you avoid “NULLS” with Lucee.

yeah, totally avoid all that old bundled cruft, it’s dead simple with jquery