Cfdbinfo not respecting the database set by a datasource

MySQL 8.0.15
MySQL Connector 8.0.15
Windows 10

I have 2 databases that both have a table called "contacts:, but are otherwise completely different. There are 2 datasources to access each database, but they share credentials which have access to all databases (not root, but that doesn’t make a difference).

The result will be a query object that contains the details for both contacts tables, with the “table_cat” column clearly showing the two database names, so it could be filtering by database, but it isn’t. The fix is to use different credentials for each datasource and limit those credential’s access to just the one database each.

Either was not actually effective, or this is a different issue.

This previously worked on MySQL 5.6 and 5.7, so add it to the list of issues from the move to 8.