Cfcookie not obeying encodevalue=false/no

We have a project we are working to create a cookie in CF that is consumed later by PHP. Challenge is Lucee (latest version) is unfortunately always encoding the cookie even though encodevalue=false or encodevalue="no" is passed in.

It is supposed to be stored like this:


Lucee is always storing it as this though:


Since I need the cookie to never expire, I need to use cfcookie (instead of cookie.varName).

Yes, I could create some js code to store the cookie instead of Lucee but that seems rather silly when the encodevalue=false directive should work.



Hi @jab1000,

I’ve tested this lucee doesn’t consider cookie encodedvalue=false it stores as encoded value even if we given encodedvalue=false. Can you raise a ticket in jira. We ill addressed it ASAP.