CFChart - Undefined tag

Are there issues with CFCHART in Lucee? Do I have to install a separate component?

When I try to execute a CFCHART I get an error →

“ERROR”,“ajp-nio-0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1-8009-exec-5”,“03/05/2024”,“12:04:06”,“”,"failure in C:\ACS\showtheoffer\control\reports\geo_displayreport.cfm;undefined tag [cfchart];lucee.runtime.exp.TemplateException: failure in C:\ACS\showtheoffer\reports\geo_displayreport.cfm;undefined tag [cfchart]



  • Windows Server 2022
  • IIS 10
  • Java 11.0.21
  • Tomcat Version 9.0
  • Lucee
  • MS SQL 2022


3 options to install:

Chart Extension can also be installed via Lucee Admin > Extension > Application.

Thanks @kenricashe I now have it installed :slight_smile: Being a newbie to Lucee I actually forgot about the option to go to EXTENSIONS.

I do have an odd issue though, I’m logged into the dashboard, go to EXTENSIONS - APPLICATION, all good to hear, type CHART and hit FILTER and it kicks me out, saying “No access, password is invalid”. Log back in and there is CHART when I go back to EXTENSIONS. Go to install it, kicks me out again, log back in, it’s installed.

Would you know where I might report this as a bug?


Just noting that many cfml devs have moved from native cfchart to purely frontend Javascript chart rendering alternatives, such as These are powerfull and often more flexible than cfchart.

But cfchart is still quite useful when static charts are required, such as in email notifications.

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I suggest creating a separate post for your recurring Lucee Admin authentication issue as that doesn’t sound specific to the cfchart extension.

Agreed. I thought it might be best reported as a potential bug, but I’m not sure where/how to report it

My experience has been that they prefer discussing it here first, and then usually @Zackster will instruct where/how to report it.

okay, I’ll create a new post