CFCamp 2019 Sessions Part 1

Are you getting ready for CFCamp? Let’s check out the sessions we have planned! We’re very excited for these excellent sessions.

A Comedy of Errors … in Web App Security by Rob Dudley
A lighthearted look at the serious business of modern web application security, with life lessons from those who got it really wrong!

An in-depth introduction to Vue.js by Matt Gifford
We will cover creating a new Vue.js project, iterating over data, component nesting, sending data between components and using the Vue router to navigate around your application, as well as Vuex for data persistence.

A REST API in under 5 minutes with Preside by Seb Duggan
Supercharge your Preside application with a fully functional, authenticated, Swagger-documented REST API in less than 5 minutes! Allowing external systems to integrate with your data couldn’t be easier…

Automated Database Migrations with CFMigrations by Eric Peterson
Come learn about migrations, files that allow you to incrementally apply database changes. Store migrations with your code for an automated way to set up a development environment. Utilize CommandBox to run those migrations from the command line. Profit from the clarity and ease of your deployments.

Building secure applications by Joel Stobart
An overview of Information Security techniques the steps to make your applications secure.

But doesn’t everyone on the Internet speak English? by Jen Doherty
Teaching your product a new language makes it more accessible. Expanding your product’s support to in-demand locales can increase your sales by 1000% in new markets. Learn how to find that demand and get started in product localisation. See how this will increase your own empathy toward your users.

Comparing Monitoring Solutions for CF and Lucee by Charlie Arehart
Your CF or Lucee server’s got problems. Should you just keep restarting it, or might you better understand/solve the problem with a monitoring tool? But there are so many for CF and Lucee. Are built-in ones good enough? Maybe. Or is it worth adding another, free or paid? Perhaps. Come find out!

Continuous Documentation - The best time is now by Kenigbolo Meya Stephen
Bad or non existent documentation is almost always the ripple effect of not writing documentation when it matters. In this talk I’ll take a quick deep dive into the importance of “Continuous Documentation” and why this is important for creating an amazing developer experience.

Deploying and testing your sites with Bitbucket by Mark Drew
Deploying can be fun, but can you do it a number of times a day? And how do you know everything is fine? What did you test? Do you need actual smelly humans to look at the site to make sure it works? In this talk Mark drew will get rid of the monkey and let the robots take over the testing.

Design Patterns: Common Solutions to Common Problems by Brad Wood
Simply put, design patterns are common solutions to common problems shared by developers everywhere. Let’s load up your toolbox with some knowledge about identifying patterns for productivity, knowing when to use them, and when not to. Examples included!

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We can’t wait to meet all of you at CFCamp this year. The line up of speakers and sessions is fantastic!

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