CFCamp 2016 Retrospective

This year’s CFCamp attracted more people than ever. The number of attendees increased with over 15% than those of last year’s CFCamp. The LAS members were represented by Ortus Solutions, Pixl 8, Blueriver and Rasia. A very encouraging development was that there were around 25% of new visitors attending CFCamp. The overall atmosphere was very positive and we will definitely be back again in Munich for 2017.

Our team had two presentations which were the opening keynote about the developments at LAS in general and the new version Lucee 5.1. There will be a separate blog post about the Lucee 5.1 release.

There were three main message/goals LAS presented in the keynote. They are the essence of what LAS will be focussing on in the next 12 months.

Increasing the number of members to 25 in the next 15 months.

With the recent additions we now have 13 members in LAS. Two of them signed up at CFCamp. With these additions and future ones, LAS will extend its core team with up to 5 additional full time developers and supporters. In addition, more community activities will be planned and executed. So you will always be able to talk to the core team in person in one of the upcoming conferences or events.

First core team additions.

The recent increase in members gave us sufficient funds to add the first additional developer to the core Lucee team. The team of Mitrahsoft is helping us with some of the necessary resources, next to them becoming a Lucee member. So since November 1st, Pothys of MitrahSoft is helping the core team around Micha and Igal. You will be able to chat to him over Slack or other channels.

At first, Pothys will be helping LAS to update the tickets that remained unattended in the previous months. These tickets will be checked for reproducibility as well as for existing test cases and then prioritized and assigned.

In addition, all pull requests will be revisited and checked for proper format etc. in order for them to be properly pulled into Lucee or, if necessary, rejected.

With these additional resources we will be following a new release cycle and a public roadmap.

Having additional resources on board, we will be able to create a backlog and a sprint backlog in order to publically make visible what we are working on, as well as what features the next versions of Lucee will contain. It will take some time to implement this process, but it will be much more transparent and open.

For Associations like LAS it is important that there are enough supporters and members in order to achieve the goals which have been defined and approved by the new management of LAS. At the moment the members of the association consist of companies that are already investing heavily into CFML with their products and their hearts. LAS needs companies that have most of their stakes in CFML and they need Lucee to aspire and continuously develop the language in order to continue to lead the way.

As a member you have several advantages:

  • You can influence the direction of Lucee
  • You can access the internal Slack/Discourse channels
  • You get direct access to all the bright minds in the association
  • You get first hand information
  • Member issues with Lucee are treated with higher priority
  • It’s satisfying to be amongst this cool group of people

We are encouraging anyone whose interests lie in CFML to approach us and consider a Lucee membership. Just get in touch with us at

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