CFCamp 2015 - Oct. 22.+23. - Airport munich

Good morning,

this year CFCamp will take place from Oct. 22nd - 23rd 2015. This year at a new location directly at the airport munich.

As every year we will have two exciting days completely about CFML and the surrounding topics and this year, of course, all about Lucee.

Additionally there will be further events around the CFCamp, like a pre-conference-dinner at the world’s only airport brewery, a code-war, party, etc.

All information and tickets kann be found at

The price of the ticket starts at the same low price as last year at 150€ (+VAT).

Beside all sessions on the two days all food and drinks are included.

This is also a call-for-speaker!

If you like to give a presentation, please sign up on our website.

We’re happy to see you in munich.

With best regards,

Michael Hnat

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