Cfcache documentation

According to ACF doc,

for User-defined cache: To create user-defined cache,

  1. Add the following snippet to the ehcache.xml (in the _CF_root_lib):
    [ omitted ]
    My Lucee 5.x does not have this ehcache.xml, does that mean somehow I didn’t configure my Lucee installation properly or Lucee 5 simply does not support user-defined cache?


um, what do the Lucee docs say? (can’t believe I even need to ask this question)

I find you extremely obnoxious and counter-productive, we don’t like each other and you don’t have to respond to any of my post, I thought you were intelligent and knew that.
Btw, Lucee doc is poorly written, not that ACF doc is well written.
Just because you spend time on Lucee that does not mean anything.

As you constantly post questions and the obvious first step is to go and google it or look at the project’s documentation… that’s just pure lazy and I’ll keep calling you out on it.

I’m not the one hiding behind a silly name because professionally all my post’s are embarrassing

So you have a problem with the Lucee docs?

Well how about rolling up your sleeves and contributing back to the project with some doc improvements.

I wait with baited breath to see your updates to the docs

Update @justaguy has been suspended from this forum for a while for his attack on me


Slightly off topic but I suggest using instead of engine specific as it has links to each engines documentation.

That is the wrong way to use Lucee’s cache system, check out the lucee docs.
Lucee does support many more user-defined caches. See the Lucee documentation that is linked by @andreas