CF2021 Parity - Crowdfunded Push?

Just looking at the ‘massive’ amount of updates to CF2021… and Lucee 6.0.x which has made it into the nightlies…

The many new and improved features in CF2021 - Charlie Arehart - Server Troubleshooting (

now while I don’t like the function names (do I ever, who needs generic naming anyway, that’ never causes issues… #sigh)… anyway… lots of remote functionality (they call it cloud), but it’s all separate, for instance you can monitor stuff, but can’t use Amazon SNS or Azure Messaging to alert?? That just seems half-baked. Alerts should raise an event to alert providers, then they provider sends of the message… imho. Instead of locking alerts to email and the all so limited slack… #sigh… and it’s hardcoded to those options… #sigh

Anyway, how close are we in 6.0 to having a lot of this stuff covered off in extensions or alike? in particular messaging and authentication functions are great, and api manager is still a big win… overall it’s put cF back on the map I’d say for many who were seeing lucee as the only alternative.

Either way I’d prefer to invest into lucee, so do we need to crowdfund a big dev push to get extensions and alike into production extensions? probably also need to look at the ‘single’ category thing and make main and sub category extensions now (as i’ve suggested to forgebox for 10 years - boy does that repo need a cleanup)… ranting now…

So should we do a big push for some money to get more devs to do extensions and parity 2021? or what’s the committee’s view?


Here’s a spreadsheet with a list of the language enhancements and which ones have been added thus far.

I’m not sure what the goal will supporting the stuff like Cloud integrations.


All the best things in cfml develop as third party things

Lucee 6 should facilitate such features, we just need to identify any what’s needed, if any barriers exist


I’d be in support for crowd funding and fund it, as long as it stays free open source.