CF / Lucee incompatibility for cfcookie

I’m migrating an application from CF 9.01 to Lucee, and having trouble with Cookies.
In CF, there are cookies defined to expire after 10 hrs, this is done like this:
<cfcookie name="testCookie1" value="ENG" expires=0.417>

The 0.417 represents the 10hrs (10/24).
This works fine in CF 9.01. However in Lucee, it looks like only integer numbers are allowed, and in my example, the Cookie expires immediately (I suspect the 0.417 becomes 0).

Is this expected behaviour? I was looking for a workaround, like specifying the complete expire date/time, but I wonder that will work. cf. documentation:

ColdFusion: A date or date/time object (for example, 10/09/97).

Lucee: Can be specified as a date (as in, 10/09/97)

Does this means, no time part? So, cookies can only expire after an integer number of days?

Can you file a bug please? add the label acf-compat

Thanks, I will.
Edit: done: