CF / Lucee incompatibility for bit values and cfupdate

Hello. I’m migrating an application from CF 9.01 to Lucee, and having trouble with updating bit values in a database which are coming from checkboxes on a html page.
Have a look to this sample code:


		<cfform name="cbTest" method="post" action="go_cbtest_action.cfm">
			<input type="checkbox" name="cbTestVAL">Click me</br>
			<input type="submit" value="OK">


<cfif NOT structKeyExists(form, "cbTestVAL")>
	<cfset form.cbTestVAL = 0>


<cfset = 1>
<cfupdate datasource="onecfc" tablename="LuceeTestCB" formfields="id,cbTestVAL">

This code works fine on CF 9.01. Lucee throws this error:

Lucee can’t decode the “on” value of the checkbox to a binary “1”.

There is a workaround though, by adding value = “1” to the input tag:
<input type="checkbox" value="1" name="cbTestVAL">Click me</br>

So, not a real show stopper, but definitely an incompatibility which could be resolved with a limited amount of extra code.

Should I file a bugreport for this?

@Gunter, OK. It is time to file a bug.