Cf_client_data table not updating at all

Hi Guys,

I am facing one issue that is even if client management is enabled and client storage is set to DSN table cf_client_data does not gets any data. I have already created the DSN for storage of client and session variables.

Now if i login to my application and set some client variable i expect those values in table cf_client_data but it does not get even a single record. To experiment, i have enabled session management from Lucee admin and set the storage to same DSN. One more table got created cf_session_data and to my surprise this table gets updated with session variables which are exactly similar to client variables

If any body has any clue about the problem, please help.


Can you show us a dump of all the client variable settings you have for the app?

Hi Modius,

Please see the screenshot below



It seems issue specific to Lucee 5.2. With Lucee 4.5 it is working fine with same configuration what i was having with Lucee 5.2.


Hi @rohitnexus ,

I’ve checked this issue found on older 5.2 versions. But this fixed after this version of lucee.
See here
Please check with latest version.

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Thanks @cfmitrah. You are right. I need to install the latest version.

I’m currently using Lucee version I am trying to use database storage for client/session variables, and cannot get data to commit to the database.

Tables were successfully created in the database when the datasource was marked “Allow to use this datasource as client/session storage.”

I can see the tables cf_client_data and cf_session_data in the database, I can set the variables in a test page, and dump them. The dump correctly identifies that the variables are in the datasource [Session Scope (Datasource), Client Scope (Datasource)], but the values are not inserted into the database.

Application.cfc contains:


What am I missing?

Update: I’ve discovered the source of the error.

The UPDATE permission was denied on the object 'cf_client_data'

I don’t however understand how to fix the error. Suggestions?

With GRANT INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE to <user> on <table>?

What database system are you using?

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Hi @Marilou_Landes,

I agree with Igal, Please make sure roles and permissions in your DBMS