Certain character sets that occur in the German alphabet cause problems

Hello, I use Lucee on a Windows Server with IIS and MySQL.
There are problems with certain character sets that appear in the German alphabet but not in the English alphabet.
For example, “ß” causes problems. I was able to solve the problem with with the following code:

SELECT Tabelle, Fußnote, Fußnotentext, Reihenfolge

FROM Fußnoten WHERE Tabelle = #tabelle# ORDER BY Reihenfolge

But here he can’t handle the #Fußnote# variable because it has a “ß” in it:

<p class="cSchrift_klein">

    <cfif #Fußnote# = "hallo">



What else can I do, I also changed the encoding to utf-8 bom in visual studio.
There are hints on the internet that it might be the web server. Somewhere there still needs to be a switch to UTF-8, but where?
At ISS, lucee-server.xml?
Or are variables not allowed to contain a “ß” character?

dump( IsValid( "variableName", "Fußnote" ) ) //false

You could just alias the column names in your select statement to something safer like Fussnote.

So characters like “ß” are not allowed in variable names with lucee? Coldfusion had no problems with this.

It would seem so.

This is a pity. Your tip about the alias was good, ty

This would be a “Lucee/ACF compatibility issue”.
Can you please log an issue?

Make sure you detail the version of lucee / the version of ACF / the database / the database extension details, too please.