In /docs there is a ‘categories’ directory that I have not found links to access; it seems to be used by search

I copied this directory to ‘03.references’ and renamed to ‘03.categores’.
It now shows on side menu as ‘Browse by category’

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This is deliberately made outside of the navigation (this is why it does not have the numbers on it). If a page is tagged to a category, you will see a link to the category page for the category (currently at the bottom of the page). See here, for example:

Perhaps the category section should be in the nav, not sure. I kept it out initially because it didn’t seem right.

I find sometime I don’t know what the function or tag name is, so like to
view by something like category to see what is available.

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I’ll see if I can sort something out - a ‘Browse by category’ section could work, right.

Fixed :smile:

Thanks for the feedback and for testing it out locally.

added comment to

I put under reference menu (with functions and tags)

We have the ability to tag non-reference material with categories so I think having it top level makes sense. i.e. we could have a Tutorials category, or an article about “Formatting date and time values” that could be tagged with date and time categories.