Cassandra Unstructured sample datbase


Hi folks,

I am new in cassandra. i need unstructured sample database to cassandra. Please help me same. or how to process to import(install) cassandra database in cassandra.

Thanks & Regards
Minesh Gole


there must be a million tutorials on the web on how to do this, did you try google?


i already try with google but i didn’t get proper step. can you provide me some… i got datastax sample on github but i don’t know to import in cassandra. please help me same.


what are you trying to import? i.e. what’s your source data?


i have used above link. there is some sample database. but i dont know how to used it in cassandra.


I know we like to talk about a lot of stuff but not sure how this topic has anything to do with Lucee?

Here’s a tutorial: that might help?