Can't search text on page as the forum page binds to ctrl-f

At the moment if you try and search for text (i.e. ctrl-f) , the forum page captures the key stroke and launches the forum’s own search function. Can this be disabled?

If you press Ctrl+F twice does the browsers standard search input appear? It does for me in Chrome on Win10 :slight_smile:

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it’s inconsistent, on this page for example, it goes straight to the browser search on Chrome win 10

Ahhh yeah, I think it only kicks in for threads longer than 10 or so replies. Since long threads can have infinite scroll then I think on some clients (e.g. mobile, or maybe it’s all clients) it loads and unloads replies at the top and bottom of topics as you scroll. The built-in search does do a decent job though from my experience.

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