Can't dump queries with more than thirty columns?

My first post. Please let me know if I say anything stupid.

So I very recently upgraded from Lucee 5.4.3.something to And I noticed that I’m now unable to dump a query that has over thirty columns. I don’t do that a lot, but I’ve got a couple of pretty big tables. Adding a thirty-first column will give me this error message: “The value [2147483648] is outside the range that can be represented as an int.” The Stacktrace shows this:

The Error Occurred in
/Dump.cfc: line 819
called from /Dump.cfc: line 542
called from /Dump.cfc: line 534
called from /Dump.cfc: line 136
called from /Dump.cfc: line 121

The same error happens with the html, classic and simple dump formats, but not in the text format.

I can see what is happening in Dump.cfc. The main culprit appears to be line 545 in the “html” function where the “c” variable that is passed as the second parameter to the “doHighlight” function is set to be a power of 2: c *= 2. And 2^31 just happens to equal 2147483648, the value that’s being complained about in the error message.

However, I can see the same exact line of code exists in both previous and later versions of the Lucee code. So I can’t figure out why I’m seeing this error now and I wasn’t seeing it before the upgrade. Not a huge deal, certainly not worth downgrading back to Lucee 5 for. I guess I could try to upgrade to 6.1.0 just to see if it’s been fixed, but I tend to stick to release versions.

Is anyone else seeing this error?

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: Linux (5.4.0-174-generic) 64bit (Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS)
Java Version: 11.0.22 (Ubuntu) 64bit
Tomcat Version: Apache Tomcat/9.0.71
Lucee Version: Lucee

Related ticket : LDEV-4828. This issue was fixed in Lucee version


hmmm, still getting similar issue in… hadn’t had time to narrow it down, just started dumping to json instead until fixed. #readmymind

Seeing on Win11 (64 bit)
Java 11.0.22 (Eclipse Adoptium) 64bit
Apache Tomcat/9.0.86,

Your version is the same as Ira_Pearson
SO at least you can confirm that you’re seeing the same behavior.

I can personally confirm that, yes, it is fixed in the It is not fixed in the pre-release. I’ll probably roll back to the release version now because snapshots make me extremely nervous.

Thank you.

I’m finding it’s not just the row count in in a query, but more how many times cfdump is being called.

I have a number of looped items that run queries and even with single row queries it’s occurring. Will need to break out a test case separate to my code to prove.

Im still getting the same problem using Lucee… I was using the same query on ColdFusion 2021 and I didn’t get any problem. More than it, a lot of columns were bigint unsigned (I’m using MariaDB) instead of just integer.