Can't connect XAMPP to Lucee

I’ve followed this instruction guide step by step exactly and I can’t get past step 19. It never shows me the 403 Forbidden error. I just see the same XAMPP Welcome Page. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled at least a dozen times. I’ve tried older versions and all are the same. Any help would be appreciated.

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: Windows 10
Java Version: Installed with Lucee (Says 11.02 in release file)
Tomcat Version: Installed with Lucee (9.0.86 in release file)
Lucee Version:

Xampp uses tomcat 8, which more than likely is the issue.

Turn off tomcat
Download Lucee express or lucee
start lucee as normal
continue on with the rest of the instructions.
once complete, remove the contents of /xampp/htdocs or move them to xampp/htdocs/_old

if you added the above correctly, you should be able to run coldfusion code in /xampp/htdocs


This step seemed to do the trick. Thank you!

“once complete, remove the contents of /xampp/htdocs or move them to xampp/htdocs/_old”